• A Pre-Listing Inspections:

    Also known as a seller's home inspection, is a professional evaluation of a house's condition conducted before it is put on the market for sale. The inspection is typically initiated by the homeowner or the seller to identify any potential issues or defects with the property that could affect its market value or saleability. The purpose of a pre-listing home inspection is to proactively address any concerns, make necessary repairs, or accurately disclose the condition of the property to potential buyers. This inspection can help sellers avoid surprises during the negotiation process and increase buyer confidence by providing a transparent assessment of the house's condition.

    Components that are included in a Pre-Listing Home Inspection Report

    • Heating Systems

    • Cooling Systems

    • Electrical Systems

    • Plumbing Systems

    • Structural Components and Foundations

    • Roof Coverings

    • Exterior Components

    • Interior Components

    • Insulation and Ventilation

    • Built-In Kitchen Appliances

    Our reporting is easy to understand, and if you have any questions we encourage you to ask.